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“Louisa Meets Bear” by Lisa Gornick

Call a book “chick lit,” and you aren’t exactly paying it a compliment. Which is why I’m a little worried Lisa Gornick’s fantastic new novel-in-stories, Louisa Meets Bear, might be saddled with that label. Not only are the author and one of the titular characters women, there’s also a female face on the cover. It’s […]

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Down with Homework!

Homework: bad idea or really bad idea? That’s a trick question. Homework is an awful idea. Not only have take-home assignments been proven useless (here’s where I’d cite the appropriate studies if I weren’t in Rolling Stone mode), they’re contributing to the breakdown of the family. At least of my family. Get within a five-mile […]

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Oh, the Injustice

Of all life’s unanswerable questions—how many stars in the sky; how much beta-carotene in a serving of John Boehner—none is as perplexing as this: Why can’t Marylanders buy beer and wine in the damn grocery store? Did we defeat communism just to have Free-Staters forced into making multiple stops on their way home from work? […]

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