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Since there’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever write a book, I’ve decided to do the next best thing: write about them.

Which is why I joined up with the Washington Independent Review of Books, a DC-based organization devoted to celebrating all things literary.

Rich with insightful reviews, author Q&A’s, and features, the Independent’s website lacked the kind of short, playful pieces that engage readers and encourage feedback. So the all-volunteer staff sought out a creative person to punch up its content without sacrificing its gravitas.

When that person didn’t materialize, they went with me.

I’m thrilled to serve as the Independent’s new Beyond the Book editor (although not quite as thrilled as I’d be if there were a salary involved).

For me, it’s a chance to collaborate with brilliant people on making an already-fantastic product even better.

For my writer friends, it’s a chance to be hit up for free content.

Consider yourselves warned.

And everyone consider checking out the Independent. Let us know which pieces work well, which fall short, and what’s missing. Tell us about your favorite books and authors, and never worry that they’re not highfalutin enough.

Sure, I love John Steinbeck and Charles Dickens as much as the next word nerd, but I also love Stephen King and Christopher Moore.

After all, reading shouldn’t have to hurt to work.

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